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Parent comments

To the Kingfisher staff 2017-

Thank you for all your to day
for every tear you wipe away
for little hands you gently hold
and allt he stories you have told
for your consoling tender heart
and all the wisdom you impart
for silly songs and quiet times
for peaceful naps and nursery rhymes
for teaching children how to share
for being kind and being fair
for every shoe that you have tied
and thoughtful words that instill pride
for all the sweet things that you do
to help the children all year through
for being there in place of me
im grateful and ill always be

Parent comments

To all the staff,

Thank you so much to everybody who has looked after C and E during their time at kiddie kapers.

We have been so lucky to find such an amazing nursery!

We have always felt confident that our precious childrne have been loved and well cared for during their time with you, in all of the rooms they have been  in.

Everyone is always smiley and friendly and seem like they enjoy being with and supporting the children.

Thank you! We are so grateful.

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