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Before registering your child we recommend you arrange to have a look around our nursery. We do have an open door policy but may not always be able to show you around at busy periods. Appointments can be made otherwise.

When we register your child, we will ask quite a lot of questions about your child’s health, mediation, immunisation, permissions (for example for photos, outings, sun cream or face paints) and so on. This information really is important and we would ask you to let us know of any changes over time – you can change this at any time.

At the time of registration, we will ask you to confirm who can collect your child from nursery. For obvious reasons, we will release a child only where we know the parent or other relative and where parents have given us permission. As an added safeguard, we will also ask parents to give us a password which we will use in any case of doubt. If we are not 100% satisfied that the person who has turned up is not authorised we will contact the parents. It is also essential that you let us know of any restrictions in relation to access to your child, particularly where there is a court order in place, and keep us informed of any changes.

Please also tell us of any changes in phone numbers so that we can always contact someone in an emergency.

All of this information is retained on our database (known as Abacus) and will be managed in accordance with data protection .

Booking Places

We have a high demand for places and we allocate these as fairly as possible on a ‘ first come, first served’ basis. Your child must be booked in for a minimum of two half-day sessions, or one full day per week.

Places will be guaranteed when the £75 deposit has been paid; the only exception is where children are using only their Free Early Education when we will not ask for a deposit.

The baby room is all year round but once your child is funded you can opt for term time if that suits you better. Please remember that the Free Early Education cannot be used during school holidays.

The deposit is recorded separately from any other fees and will be returned to parents when the child leaves nursery as long as you have given us at least a month’s notice and the invoices have all been paid.

We offer parents 3 ‘settle’ sessions to help your child settle in gradually. We try to be flexible, taking account of the individual child’s needs, but typically we might suggest a half hour session, followed by an hour-long session a week or so later. We do not charge for these “settle” sessions. When the children are attending their settle session we suggest parents visit the on-site café for a complimentary tea or coffee (we will give you a voucher for this) while their child is in the nursery so we can call you if needed.

Paying Fees

We try to keep our charges as low as possible. We set our fees each year and try to keep them at that level for the whole of the following twelve months. Nearly all of our money comes from fees and funded hours and we use any money left over to make our services even better.

We give parents the choice of paying monthly or weekly, but payments must be in advance – monthly invoices are issued on the last Friday of the preceding month, while weekly invoices are issued on the Friday covering charges for the following week.

We do appreciate that some parents may struggle from time to time and we would be happy to discuss any special arrangements for paying, but we cannot allow accounts to run into arrears and we will chase late payments.

Where necessary, we may have to stop fee-paying sessions or meals as a last resort and in the event of significant debts, we may take more formal action to get payment. If you are facing difficulties, please let us know (in confidence) as soon as possible – please speak to either Maisie or Tracy and we can agree on a payment plan.

We take cash or by debit card payments in the office, but we are unable to accept credit cards or cheques. We also accept childcare vouchers.

Many parents pay their charges by standing order or through the on-line banking. The account details for this are as follows:

 Sort Code: 20-02-62
 Account: 40399825
 Account Name: Beaver Community Trust Ltd

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